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No Warrants, Searches, or Seizures at hereby affirms that, as of the date of this update, Neither nor any of its principals or employees has received any National Security Letter, FISA order, or any other classified request for user information. We have not placed any backdoors into our software. To the best of our knowledge, no searches or seizures of any kind have ever been performed on our equipment. We have not been required by a FISA court to keep any secrets, such as those authorized by Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act, as part of any national security order.
Since we may be prohibited from disclosing the existence of a request of this kind, until the removal of the warrant canary icon, or the deletion of this report, we can affirm that as of this date no such request has been received. This report will be updated every month or so, or sooner if warranted (pun intended).
Renewed on October 13, 2019, Feast of Our Lady of Fatima; Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun.

If the foregoing notice or the canary below is gone, well, caveat emptor.
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